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Friday, February 6, 2009

one week of sch past..
though is orientation..im realli tired..
orientation kinda of fun..
but the 1st dae in ac was lyk..totally..lonely..
i enjoyed the last dae.which is yst..
the finale was lyk a blast man!
start partying and dancing..haha!!
anyway yst we had lectures as well..
im lyk seriously kinda of scared..
ppl there scored single digit..
and they were lyk 'i wanna take KI!'
u will seriously think im crazy there..
anyway,i will be having maths test on mon =((
hope things will get better and better!!
sing ACS forever more, the best is yet to be!

2:20 PM;
falling in love once again..

Sunday, February 1, 2009

im going to CJC..but i appealed to ac alr..
soooo finger cross tt i can go to ac lor..
anyway, im still have the holidae mood and yea, kinda lyk don wanna start sch..
had too much fun during hols alr.
church todae..we sang well!! well done youth choir! GLORY TO GOD! PRAISE THE LORD!
haha..meet yeshen todae..we talked alot and thank him for lyk easing my emo-ness before sch start!!
short post..nothing much.wishing all friends the best in their studies!

10:01 PM;
falling in love once again..

Monday, January 26, 2009

ITS CNY! wishing all a happy chinese niu year :D
cant believe a year past so fast..

had been busy wif packing and moving hse..
is super tiring..
i have a mix feeling abt moving to sembawang..
the place there is queit and clam..
and is my 1st time staying in a HDB flat..since i had been staying in a church for lyk 14 years?!
im worried i cannot suit and dwell into the surrounding and environment well..
having to travel so long to church is another issue..
LOLS.i have to wake up onli at 8.45am on sun when sundae sch start at 9am..
guess i have to wake up at 8am when i moved there..?
novena is so near places lyk orchard,city hall,bishan and toa payoh..
is lyk the central..but sembawang is up up top north of s'pore.

but well..
new hse..new things..new furnitures and everything is new..
i think i gonna lyk the new hse..though is kinda smaller than the one im currently staying..but yea..i think everything fit in jus nice =D tt's something im happy abt!

nothing much to say..
last week of hos..and sch gonna start again..
is another mix feeling again..
gonna move more things and hang out wif friends before sch starts!

1:07 AM;
falling in love once again..

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

LOLS!it've been a while since i wrote on this blog..
i don think i have the time to blog in JC..
but i think i will do it once in a blue moon.
jus lyk lenny's blog,jus tok abt life and meaningful stuffs
probably my probs..yea.

life after 0s is great..
no sch and no stress..
can hang out wif lenny they all are the best feelings..
but there are always lose and gain..
sometime u gain friendships but lose them at the same time..
it hurts when u noe some of ur friends are slowly giving each other distance.
i don even noe if they noe they are doin these...?
of coz i don dare to confront and ask if u noe abt this.is stupid..
maybe is GOD's plan?
while, i must be glad i had a bunch of gd friends in sch =D
thank god for tt..
i rem coming to PEIRCE,very worried tt i will mix into the wrong company..
but nahh..im thankful i had great buds to support and encourage me durin my downs!
however,happy things always come to an end..
is time to leave and continue on the next phase of life and education..
hate to separate..but no choice...have to..
pray tt GOD will always give me chance to meet them every month when sch starts!
lenny,ys,jon.dan.mel and shawn.a big thank you!

the appeals for acjc and ajc were my worst time ever during this hols..
don feel lyk saeing it in details..
but perhaps is GOD's tests again?
i thank lance and peiqian for helping in acjc appeal..without them,i might not even have the chance to meet the teachers there..

life gonna continue man..im kinda emo now..
donnoe y..
maybe i realli missed my friends..cant help it.i cry i laugh.im crazy.
but u noe wad..no matter wad comments,positive or negative..
titus chang will always stand tall and be strong..
i realli have to learn to trust in him..i lack of tt..
i wish to start doing devotion every morning when sch starts.so pray tt god can give me the willingness and courage to do tt..
well,perhaps wad lance said is totally rite..
JC is not a place where u can play lyk during ur sec sch..u gonna be ahead of others.wif ccas and all the sch activities..i realli dont wish to retain or regret not having a headstart for jc..
hate to sae it..but i have to study now..

well,GOD will always guide me,lead me and show me the way.
he has a purpose in me,in my life,and i have to follow.
no matter which jc im posted to,i must be thankful tt i still able to receieve education.is lyk 2.30am now.but cant sleep.kinda emo.haha.

tmr heading to lenny's hse to play gui and piano..hope it will be an enjoyable one!
hear from me soon =D

2:30 AM;
falling in love once again..

Monday, November 17, 2008

heyhey everyone!
been a long while since i last posted on my blog
O levels finally over! =XX
time flies and i am just glad it is over =)
I am presently in malaysia...
will be back during the weekend...
i will be back soon...
till then...=))

8:23 AM;
falling in love once again..

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Hi blog!
had a great week and finally have time to blog again..=P
Went to Hweeting's house to study on friday!
her new house was just.....BRILLIANT!
studying with her was great and productive..
and hope i have been of much help to her...
had dinner at her place before going home
appreciated her generous hospitality..
and all the best for her school work!

Sat was another day of revision...
preparing my hearts for school..
in a blink of an eye, Term 3 is about to begin!..
All the best everyone and let's work hard together for O lvls

was really tired.. slept till nearly 1pm today!
Lance came today and we had revision..=DD
Had lots of questions to ask and we managed to cover all...
revised chapters on amaths too..=X

we headed for dinner together at Ma Maison (Bugis Junction)!
A japanese/western cuisine restaurant
ambience was great!
we had escargot with garlic butter, soup (can't remb the name..but was nice!)..
spaghetti bolongnaise... steak...WOW not forgetting the chicken wings!!
Totally just indulged in eating....exotic, unique and awesome chef culinary skills
i will surely recommend that place!though a little Ex..
thanks for dinner lance! =D

went back home and then watched Harry Potter (Order of Phoenix)
loved the show! the suspense and dramatic plot just kept me at the edge of my seat!
Harry Potter, He-Who-must-not-Be-Named and the ridiculous Prof Umbridge!
Can't forget that squeaky laughter of hers and cranky little habits...

looking forward to church tomorrow
so much for now...
Good night!=X

12:00 AM;
falling in love once again..

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Lion king 2 (Simba's Pride)

in the midst of study camp now.....
besides school work, i also have lots of revision to do...
well lance is currently going through key topics for revision..
all worth it for O levels! =D

Today had a mini emaths test on Distance-time graph..
Simple! but just made a careless, real careless mistake..
i had better be more focused and make less of such errors =P

Watched Lion King 2 with my sister and lance yesterday night after revision..
really nice movie..
basicaly, re-living childhood days is just so awesome..
really miss those days when one could just be less worried,
less stressed and less paranoid....
Disney shows are great! =DD
The characters, animation and plot were well directed!
particularly liked the song " we are one" in the show...
it's nice to put work aside for a while and watching some good shows.
such as this....

Wish all my churchmates a great retreat
and May God bless all of them
with a fruitful and enriching trip,
hope to see them all back on Sunday

so much for now ,,, and i did say rest "for a while" just now right?
so it's time back to work!
See ya! =XX

12:30 AM;
falling in love once again..


son of GOD...
waiting to be SIA pilot!


gabriel loh!
jasmine tee!
mark ong!
Wanching jie!
Woon Wei!

photo - Karine t. kundsen
edited - chengni


Be a good Christian
piano hope to get a diploma=X


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